In Memory

Fill not your hearts with pain and sorrow, but remember me in every tomorrow.
Remember the joy, the laughter, and the smiles that we all shared.
So dry your eyes and remember me, not as I am now, but as I used to be.
Because I will remember you all and look on with a smile.
Understand in your hearts, I've only gone to rest a little while.
As long as I have the love of each of you, I can live my life in the hearts of all of you.



By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Merilee Louise Dunbar (Mahoney) (Class Of 1960)  
John Fernandez (Class Of 1960)
Ida L. LeBlanc (Farley) (Class Of 1960)
Fairy Louise Lundstrom (Ham) (Class Of 1959)
Ismael Martinez (Class Of 1960)

Lanny Hensley (Class Of 1959)
David W. Herndon (Class Of 1960)
Vaughn Pud Morand (Class Of 1959)
Edward Anthony (Tony) Slunka (Class Of 1960)

Martina Germonto (Moore) (Class Of 1959)
Dennis Alan Hittle (Class Of 1960)  
John E. Hubbard (Class Of 1960)
Ronald Lee Lyster (Class Of 1960)
Joyce Eileen Parks (Betancourt) (Class Of 1960)

Kathleen Anne Becker (Allar) (Class Of 1960)
James Willis Brisco (Class Of 1960)  
Harold Thomas Courson (Class Of 1960)
Douglas W. Love (Class Of 1960)
Brenda Kay Rogers (Love) (Class Of 1960)
Robert L. Tresenrider (Class Of 1960)
Louis V. Zyla (Class Of 1959)

Oliver A. Barnes (Class Of 1959)
Floyd Lane Behrendt (Class Of 1960)
Sue C. Cody (Forbes) (Class Of 1959)
Richard Lee Fritts (Class Of 1959)
Jeanette A. Hardy (DeCosta) (Class Of 1959)
Arthur Douglas Harmon (Class Of 1960)
Clyde F. Hunter (Class Of 1959)
James Robert Lindsay (Class Of 1960)
Keith Allan Lowry (Class Of 1960)

Gary P. Farley (Class Of 1959)
James R. Goates (Class Of 1960)
Mary Dale Hyden (Burrows) (Class Of 1960)
Michael Bruce Kahl (Class Of 1959)
Marvin E. Miller (Class Of 1960)
King L. Schwebs Sr. (Class Of 1959)  
Gary William Van Hoesen (Class Of 1960)

Jim Cornwall (Class Of 1959)
Nancilee Lopp (Carter) (Class Of 1959)  

Ted R. Grubb Jr. (Class Of 1959)
Joann Joyce Miller (Harris) (Class Of 1959)

Ralph T. Bud Burnley Jr. (Class Of 1959)
Larry W. Fay (Class Of 1959)
Eilene R. Millard (Class Of 1960)
Myron G. Otto (Class Of 1960)
Emily Jo Plegel (Winchester) (Class Of 1960)
Gary D. Smith (Class Of 1960)
Linda White (Class Of 1960)

Phyllis Jean Boydston (deSilva) (Class Of 1959)  
Janice F. Cristobal (Shyrer) (Class Of 1959)
Jack Dragoman (Class Of 1959)
Patricia Helene Hart (Scott) (Class Of 1959)

Rosemary Cole (Peterson) (Class Of 1960)
Riley E. Thomas (Class Of 1959)

Stephen A. Loyal (Class Of 1959)
Louis J. Martinez (Class Of 1960)
Linda Marie Mills (Dodd) (Class Of 1959)

James Steven Cabrera (Class Of 1960)
William Godfrey (Class Of 1960)
Tom D. Hammonds (Class Of 1959)
Robert Van Houten (Class Of 1960)

Leeroy Brownlee (Class Of 1959)  
Virginia Lee (Class Of 1960)
Larry McBride (Class Of 1960)
Brenda Rutledge (Class Of 1959)  
Roseann Spagnola (Haymore) (Class Of 1959)

Judy Mae Simonsen (Eaton) (Class Of 1959)
James R. Warlick (Class Of 1959)
Jeanne Ziegler (Engle) (Class Of 1959)

Richard Dallas Berryman (Class Of 1959)
James Dennis Jones (Class Of 1960)
Errol Moore (Class Of 1959)
Verna Loraine Phelps (Jule) (Class Of 1960)
Michael Ratcliffe (Class Of 1959)
Ron Standeford (Class Of 1960)
James Charles Turner (Class Of 1959)
Linda Very (McConnehea) (Class Of 1960)
Thomas G. Vezie Jr. (Class Of 1959)

Jerry David Kelley (Class Of 1960)  
Eddie Ryan (Class Of 1959)

Rose Marie Adante (Chang) (Class Of 1959)

Larry D. Gill (Class Of 1959)

Larry Seaman (Class Of 1960)

Barbara Ann Doherty (Marosi) (Class Of 1960)
Charles Fisher (Class Of 1959)
David Singer (Class Of 1959)

Frances Kay Bruner (Roreneck) (Class Of 1959)
Richard H. Sanford (Class Of 1960)

Philip J. Brookes (Class Of 1960)

Patricia Ann Gebhart (Bauer) (Class Of 1960)  

Larry Allen Shaw (Class Of 1960)

Eddie Delgadillo (Class Of 1959)

Robert B. Greek (Class Of 1959)
Richard Lindsay (Class Of 1959)
Franklin Dennis Rubey (Class Of 1960)

Georgia Pritchard (Class Of 1959)  

Lloyd E. Anderson (Class Of 1960)
Clyde A. Bailey (Class Of 1960)
Herschel Bowser (Class Of 1959)
Richard Ellis (Class Of 1959)
John E. Gill (Class Of 1959)
Jim D. Hull (Class Of 1960)
Tom Proctor (Class Of 1959)  
Don E. Vick (Class Of 1960)  

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